Intermediate School

Japanese Pronunciation

Akemi’s Anime World

Introduction to Perfect Japanese Pronunciation Japanese Language


AJALT numbers

Genki numbers

Digital dialects numbers 1

Digital dialects numbers 2

LanguagesOnline 0-10

LanguagesOnline 11-20


Pets in Japan

wild life in Japan

LanguagesOnline Animals




Describing People Adama Kata

Body Parts PuniPuni body parts

Pokemon Characters pokemon zukan

Body Parts in Kana LanguageOnline Body Parts

Colours Digital Dialects Colours

Pokemon Colouring in Pokemon daisuki club

Pokemon Official site pocket monster

Pokemon TV 1 pokemon TV 1

Pokemon TV 2 Pokemon TV 2

LanguagesOnline Colours



Sumo Everything about Sumo

Sumo Talk Asia sumo

Chanko nabe Begin Japanology Nabe



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