Daily Expressions and Hiragana

Writing System

Marugoto Writing


Tofugu Hiragana

genkijapan.net Hiragana Song

Bonjinsha Hiragana


Mnenomincs Hiragana

TokyoGaikokugoUniversity Hiragana

Jushu HIragana Quiz

Easy Japanese Hiragana Quiz

Usagichan Hiragana


Memrise Start Reading Japanese


AJALT numbers

Digital Dialects Japanese Numbers 1

Digital Dialects Japanese Numbers 2

LanguagesOnline 1 to 10

LanguageOnlines 11-20

Self Introduction

GenkiJapan.net Age

Mykikitori Lesson 1

Marugoto Topic 1

Languagesonline Greeting


Typing Japanese

Japanese Typing Practice

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